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Art House : A Break In Space

The amazingly talented Don Freeman is creating a film based on his beautiful book “Artists’ Handmade Houses“. Above is a preview of the upcoming film which he raised funding for on Kickstarter this past April.

Below are his thoughts on the film:

“It started with a book.

Published last year by Abrams, my book “Artists’ Handmade Houses” surveys 13 homes personally handcrafted by some of America’s finest artists and craftsmen. The photography lovingly reveals each home to be a unique expression of the artists’ aesthetic, and an extension of their body of work.

It became a film.

As I photographed, my passion for the artists and their amazing handmade houses expanded into the idea of a documentary film with all the artistry and beauty of the still photographs. For 2 years, I have merged filmed images with interviews of the artists, their friends and families, as well as authors with specialized knowledge in the field. Alastair Gordon, author of “Weekend Utopia” and “Spaced Out!” lends his wisdom as the narrator of the documentary, and a musical score composed by Jaime Rudolph hauntingly captures the mood of these unique homes.”


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