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Setting Poetry To Silk

is a collaboration between Tinctory and poet/musician Rebecca Sharp where poems are worked into individual smocked silk necklaces. Below are two sets from the triptych with an image of each piece followed by the poem.

The Reminder


If silk could win spurs,

be silver-pinched and starry

at my heels -
the echo furls,

beckoning cells
to materialise.

Yarn laps quietly
at the edges of presence.

Distances flicker
as the undulating knit

dips in, to surface
glistening -

tales of the sea
and scented woods.

Shades of wheat give way -
an ancient reprieve.

If I stared at that place
in your chest,

would fabric mappings

Is there space for breath,
as outlying tucks

and furrows suggest?
Could I dream

to be pulled apart,
undone at the tug

of past beginnings?
To wear valour

as its own reward,
or a reminder

of what intricacy
gives to the touch.


The Token


waning crescent

a braid letter

starboard full
feathered fan

quarter home
a comb of gold

milk moon
I am yours


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