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Stylist Olga Naiman

I had the pleasure of meeting Olga Naiman on the set of a shoot she was styling for Teen Vogue at Mayo Studios a couple of weeks ago. Olga’s company – Aparat – is a prop-styling and event/set design company based out of New York City. Aparat does styling work for magazine editorial, catalogues and advertising – clients include Anthropologie, Conde Nast, House Beautiful Magazine, Food And Wine Magazine, Target, Urban Outfitters, West Elm…etc. Last week Olga invited me to assist her on a shoot she was doing for the March 2012 issue of Real Simple Magazine. It was fantastic seeing Olga in full-force styling mode and actually watching the level of obsession that occurs over each and every minute detail within a shot. I think that the degree of attention to all of those special little details is what sets Olga’s work apart from other stylists. She styles sets that not only are richly layered in their visual detail but also feel experienced and lived-in in a very cinematic way. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Olga – not only is she exceptionally talented but she also happens to be a pretty fun person to be around.

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