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Slowcoast Bike Tour Soundslides

In 2009, graphic designer and photographer, Nick Hand, took a bike tour around the coast of Wales, England and Scotland. In 2010 he took another one around the coast of Ireland. During each of these tours, he set out to stop by local artisans along his way and photograph and record his encounters with them. Those recordings and photographs he turned into mini documentaries he calls “soundslides”. Not only does he start to paint a picture of the culture of the place through these soundslides, but he teaches us about the people, crafts, traditions and interests of the communities in each area. Above are images from his soundslide with weaver Beth Moran of Clare Island, County Mayo, Ireland. I really enjoyed watching and listening to each of them – his photos are beautiful and to hear the artists speak about their craft is inspiring – take a look for yourself!

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