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I Love This So Much It Hurts

Sometimes I stumble upon things I love so much that it hurts…and these two residences by Roman + Williams have done this to me. [sigh] I love all of the little detailsĀ  – and the way that they combine natural with industrial so well. The spaces feel richly layered with endless stories of spectacular adventures behind each object. Now – I know that’s probably not the case – and for the most part, these objects were probably not acquired over a lifetime of exciting and worldly adventures by the people who live there. But a girl can dream can’t she? Simply beautiful.

Roman + Williams is a design firm responsible for some of the most beautiful interiors I have seen. Every time I visit Stumptown at the Ace Hotel I spend a minute admiring the Loch Ness monster (just my term, not theirs) light fixture they designed for the space. Agh! [with fist shaking in the air]…they’re so good.

Check out more photos of the two spaces above:
Montauk House
E 4th Street House


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