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Dear Hella, I Love You

One of my favorite designers of all time – master of juxtapositions, blending the old with the new… Dutch designer, Hella Jongerious! Jongerious is a master of contrasting ideologies and practices – mixing traditional and contemporary, industrial and craft – the end result is always something that looks handmade and has a sense of humor. “Process” for her is a critical aspect of her work and heavily informs the end product resulting in a very intriguing narrative.

The photo above is a piece from her “Nymphenburg Sketches” porcelain series produced for the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg, Germany. Jongerious took the design elements and colors from the manufacturer’s design archive and reworked them – some elements are fixed and some variable resulting in each plate being unique. A new twist on traditional porcelain design!

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