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Beauty in Imperfection

Wabi Sabi is a philosophy I keep close to my heart. Originating in 16th century Japanese culture, Wabi Sabi is about finding beauty in imperfection and accepting the natural cycle of life – growth, decay, and death. There’s an undeclared beauty and an unwavering authenticity in Wabi Sabi objects – in fact, the very essence of beauty is found in impermanence and the process of metamorphosis. Tarnish, cracks, rust and frayed edges are marks of time, weather and loving use. These marks¬†enhance the beauty and appeal of the object, reflect the lives of those who used them and help to tell its story.

Over the past few years I have created and collected objects inspired by these ideas. There’s a subtle beauty about them that can only be achieved through an unexpected “happy accident” during the creation process (like a fracture in a vase’s glaze) or over the course of an object’s life cycle. I’ve rediscovered and collected objects from flea markets and estate sales, family attics and sheds, even from online auctions. Wabi Sabi objects can be found anywhere but to discover them one needs to patiently and quietly let them speak to you.

I’ve posted a few from my found collection for sale on my site under “Vintage” and many of the items I’ve created which are¬† inspired by this aesthetic are for sale on my site under “Handmade.” Enjoy! xo

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